• Eyebrows, Eyelashes
    ServicePrice €
    Coloring eyelashes 4
    Coloring eyebrow  4
    Eyebrow adjustment 3-5
    Day Makeup 15
    Evening/Photo Makeup 25
    Wedding Makeup 30
    Wedding Trial Makeup 20


    ServicePrice €
    Upper lip 3
    Face 5
    Armpits 5
    Hands 7
    Calves 10
    Thighs 10
    Legs 15
    Bikini 10


    Hand & Foot care
    ServicePrice €Time
    Manicure 15 60min
    Spa manicure 20 75min
    Spa manicure with paraffin 28 90min
    Paraffin care for hands with peeling and massage 12 30min
    Pedicure 20-25 75min
    Spa pedicure 35 90min
    Healing pedicure 25 90min


    Cleansing facial treatment for problematic skin  (75minutit, 25€)

    Suitable for enlarged pores, oily skin, and individual impurities. The treatment includes cleansing, peeling, massage, mask, day cream. The result gives you better structure of the skin, fresher and more matte appearance.

    Cleansing facial treatment for problematic sckin without massage  (75minutit, 25€)

    Suitable for oily, combined, acne prone skin. The treatment starts with skin cleaning. The next stage is peeling, then steaming which helps to get rid off skin impurities (blackheads, pimples). Then your face is pampered with a mask and finally a day cream is applied smoothly.

    A soothing facial treatment for sensitive skin (75minutit, 25€)

    Care is suitable for delicate, sensitive and allergic skin. Skin that is sensitive to heat, cold, stress, and to other gentle cemicals.

    Moisturizing and refreshing facial treatment for tired skin (75minutit, 25€)

    Suitable for dry skin. Stimulates and activates the skin's moisture production making the skin look fresh and viable.

    Richly moisturizing and firming anti-aging facial treatment (90minutit, 35€)

    Treatment includes cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask, moisturizer/revitalizing serum and facial cream. Intensive and effective treatment for tired, dry skin. This treatment helps the skin cells to renew the process, it improves the skin's moisture content, smoothes and tightens the facial skin.

    Exclusive facial algae rubber mask (90minutit, 40€)

    Treatment is suitable fro the age of 25. It revitalizes tired skin, regulates the moisture content of the skin, improves blood circulation, tightens the skin and restores its elasticity. Rubber mask is a deep-cleansing and detoxifying abilities. The treatment ends with a firming concentrate, day cream (according to the client's skin type) and eye cream is also applied. The result is moisturized, smooth and fresh facial skin.

    Eye special treatment with algae (30minutit, 19€)

    Intensive care for tired eyes. Herbal hyaluronic acid, aloe vera, papyrus, and caffeine lessen the fatigue, swelling and wrinkles around the eyes.

    Facial treatment according to skin type (30minutit, 19€)

    Ultrasonic Facial Treatment (60min. 25€)

    Ultrasonic Facial Treatment with Sèrum (60 min. 28€)

    ADDITIONAL TREATMENTS with better price

    In addition to facial the eyelash & eyebrow dyeing is only 6 €

    Quick Manicure with nail polish in addition to facial treatment is just 10 €

    If facial treatment purchased, then the paraffin treatment care for hands € 8

    In addition to pedicure treatment, the paraffin treatment care for hands only € 8

    All Prices Include VAT